Glenmore Sands


The Nightingale Restaurant

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Chicken Livers Peri Peri (A)

Flamed in brandy and finished in a creamy

tomato sauce. Served with crusty bread.


Deep fried calamari strips served with rice

and a lemon butter sauce

Spicy Buffalo Wings

Served with a blue cheese sauce

Starter Mussels

Steamed and topped with a creamy cheese

and garlic sauce



Chicken Schnitzel

Crumbed chicken fillet served with cheese sauce and fries

Eggplant Parmigiana (V)

Succulent layers of eggplant, fresh marinara sauce

and mozzarella cheese, baked golden brown

Steak and Chips

250g cut of the day served with fries and veg.


Moules Frites (A)

Mussels cooked in a creamy garlic white wine

sauce and served with French fries

Hake and Chips

Grilled hake served with coleslaw and Tartare sauce

Calamari and Chips

Served with fries with coleslaw

Seafood Platter for one

Grilled hake, half calamari, creamy garlic mussels

3 prawns severed with savoury rice and sauces

Seafood Platter for two

Grilled hake, full calamari, creamy garlic mussels

6 prawns severed with savoury rice and sauces


Buttermilk Southern Fried Burger

Coated succulent chicken fillet, lettuce, tomato

Jalapeno and spicy mayo

Grilled Beef Cheese Burger

Homemade 200g beef burger, lettuce, tomato,

Gherkins and topped with cheese

All burgers served with coleslaw and fries

Toasted Sandwiches

Club Sandwich

Chicken Mayonnaise


Bacon and egg

Cheese and tomato

All toasties served with small fries

Salads and Extras



Green peppercorn (A), Mushroom (A), 

Spinach and Butternut 

Plate of Chips  

Onion Rings 

Kiddies Meals

Mac & Cheese

Chicken Strips and chips

Hake strips and chips


Peppermint Crisp Tart

Mississippi Mud Pie

Ice Cream and Chocolate Sauce